Governing Board

Executive Committee

Marcelo Asprea
Jenny Saldaña


Vice President

Mariella Lavarello


MV from University of Buenos Aires. Clinical Orientation in Large Animals, specialist in anethesiology and laboratory animals. Head of the Area of ​​Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility and IACUC member  at Pediatrics Hospital S.A.M.I.C.Prof. Dr. Garrahan. Former President of  AACyTAL.  Member of the Americas Regional Committee (ARC) of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) on behalf of AACYTAL.

Founder of ACCBAAL (Colombian Association for the Science and Welfare of Laboratory Animals). 

Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of the Republic. Master degree on Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry University of the Republic. 

Technician in laboratory animals, University of Costa Rica. AUCyTAL founder member.
Delegate by Faculty of Chemistry for the Honorary Commission of Animal Experimentation of the UdelaR. IACUC member and Assistant Professor of the laboratory of animal research at the Faculty of Chemistry UdelaR. Professor in charge of the Care and Use  of Laboratory Animals course at the Faculty of Chemistry.

MV graduated from Universidad de Chile; she has a Master degree in Bioethics from Universidad del Desarrollo. She serves as professor in many signatures relating with bioethics. Her principals skills are in immunology, pathology and bioethics. She participates in the governing board of ASOCHITAL since 2009.

Vera Maria Peters


Biologist from Universidad Federal de Juiz de Fora. She has a Master degree in histology and embryology; Doctor in animal biology from Universidad Federal Rural de Río de Janeiro. She is an active member of SBCAL y CONCEA; Director of Biology Reproduction Center at UFJF. She also serves as professor at UFJF and coordinates the Red Mineira de Bioterismo from Minas Gerais.

Directive Committee

From AACYTAL: Ernesto Gulín and Gabriel Pinto

From AVECAL: Manuel Moya and Nadia Milani

From ASOCHITAL: Paula Aedo and Micaela Ricca

From SBCAL: Vera Peters and Luisa M Gomes de Macedo Braga

From AUCYTAL: Ana Paula Arévalo and María José Andina

From ACCBAL: Gladys Martínez and Keydy Yolani

From ASOPEBAID: Roxana Lescano and Javier Reyna