The FESSACAL + FESAHANCCCAL assembly was held during the 15th SBCAL-ICLAS Congress

One or more people representing the associations or societies of the following member countries of FESSACAL were present in the assembly: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia. Also, one representative from Cuba and one from Guatemala, countries which are members  of FESAHANCCCAL, were present.

The president of FESSACAL reported to the attendees the news regarding the Federation:


1- Website 

- Working Groups and their members. It was proposed to appoint a coordinator for each working group. The following are the group coordinators that were agreed:

• Legislation and Policies: Andre Carissimi

• Education and training: Luisa María Macedo

• 3 Rs and Alternative methods: Marina Snitcofsky - Ana Paula Arévalo

• Recommendations: Cleide María Falcone

2-Survey member countries: A survey is made on the situation of each member society, noting the difficulties with Venezuela, also a recapitulation of what has been done with Bolivia and Paraguay. There was also present a representative of Peru, whose society is in the way of organization.

3- Training Activities for Animal Facilities Assistants: A project is presented, in collaboration with the company "Aula Virtual Bioterio" (in charge of the online theoretical part). It was discussed how the fee will be charged to these virtual courses, and how practical activities will be developed by the associations or societies of each member country. Finally, a certification by FESSACAL, with examination and rate is proposed.

4- Treasury: The proposal to define an annual fee for each member company is presented. It is unanimously defined that the initial amount of the annual fee will be US $ 100 for each association.

The creation of a bank account is discussed in order to charge the member countries, potential partners or training activities. Although currently the legal entity is located in Brazil, it is proposed that each member country commit to find out the requirements for the creation of legal status and the opening of a bank account in their respective countries.

5- Next activities: The next academic-scientific activity sponsored by FESSACAL is presented: the III COLAMA to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 30 to November 1, 2018.