Sociedade Brasileira de Ciência em Animais de Laboratório

As President of SBCAL I wish to welcome all visitors who search for knowledge of Laboratory Animal Science.   

The Societies meeting through the FESSACAL internet page aims to congregate professionals, researches and teachers in the field of Laboratory Animal Science in order to disseminate the scientific and technological academic development of Latin America

With the exchange of these Societies will be possible to integrate efforts, defining a common policy for the Laboratory Animals Science development in South America, therefore we will have a unified representation and unique in front of the international scientific community.

We can share experiences, problems, search for solutions, establish exchanges, discuss the technological evolution in creation and handling of animals, evaluating multidisciplinary results of biomedical research and discussing guidelines of Laboratory Animal Science.

Ekaterina Akimovna Botovchenco Rivera

President SBCAL

Our History

SBCAL was born in November 1983 on the initiative of the founder, Prof. Dr. Fernando Sogorb Sanchis, the Brazilian College of Animal Experimentation (COBEA), aiming to defend animal welfare and its rational use, train professionals and fight for specific legislation. Counting initially in its membership only veterinary doctors became later multidisciplinary, after an assembly held at the Regional Scientific Meeting of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS), held in Águas de Lindóia-SP in 1986.

In 2007, at the XXII Scientific Meeting of the Federation of Societies of Experimental Biology (FESBE) in Lindóia, the new status of COBEA was approved and in 2008, at the General Assembly of COBEA in São Paulo-Capital, the name was changed to SBCAL - Brazilian Society of Science in Laboratory Animals, maintaining in its acronym SBCAL / COBEA.

In its 30 years of existence, SBCAL / COBEA had 13 presidents, held 9 Congresses and participated in 2 international congresses, the first in 1986 in the city of Lindóia and the second in 1988 in the city of Belo Horizonte. From 2002 it was included as a member company of FESBE. In all the events held, courses were given to train professionals, with emphasis on animal physiology, genetics, health, hygiene, animal welfare and others.

At the Congress held in Foz de Iguaçu in 2012, the Brazilian Society of Laboratory Animals (RESBCAL) magazine was published in print and online, indexed in the VetIndex Guide (

It is stated in the current Statute that SBCAL / COBEA aims to program and stimulate research in the area of ​​experimentation with animal models; to hold meetings, conferences, congresses, symposiums and the like, for the teaching, exchange and dissemination of knowledge and research in the area of ​​animal experimentation; to promote courses of improvement and updating in animal experimentation; provide material resources for study and research in the field of animal experimentation, through the conclusion of agreements with national and foreign entities; providing scientific information and specialized general culture to its associated members; to advise and collaborate with national and international cultural, educational, technical and scientific entities of public or private law that perform, in whole or in part, research with animals.

We are convinced that since the creation of the SBCAL / COBEA all the boards and teams have made every effort to evolve the science of laboratory animals. Important participations, such as the approval of Law 11794/2008 that established the procedures for the scientific use of animals and the participation of representatives of SBCAL / COBEA in the National Council for the Control of Animal Experimentation (CONCEA) demonstrate the active character of our society in the search for protection and welfare of laboratory animals.

Governing Board

President: Ekaterina Akimovna Botovchenco Rivera

Vice President: Octavio Franca Presgrave

Secretary: Taís Andrade

Treasurer: Gui Mi Ko


Luisa M. Gomes de Macedo Braga

Patricia Sesterheim

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