Asociación Venezolana para la Ciencia de los Animales de Laboratorio

Greetings from Venezuelan Association for Laboratory Animal Science, AVECAL, to all those who work in this area and consult this excellent web in order to improve the work with animals as research subjects, both in the technical area and of its ethical use. We are confident that this regional integration will make us more productive and will help us to achieve the improvement of our daily tasks, which will result in the science that we intend to achieve in our countries.

Angela M. de Martínez

AVECAL President

Governing Board

President: Angeles Morales de Martínez

Vice President: Emilia Negrón

Secretary: Nadia Milani

Treasurer: Carmen Esteves Guerra


Rosa Jesús de Durán

Yubirí Beitia

Manuel Moya