Asociación Uruguaya de Ciencia y Tecnología de Animales de Laboratorio

Welcome to the website of the Federation of Societies of South America for Laboratory Animal Science (FESSACAL). As a representative of Uruguay ,our Association welcomes the establishment of this federation, which will strength exchanges between associations and members from various countries to achieve common goals in the region and for the benefit of science and the welfare of animals experimentation.

We take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the contribution of our representatives in various working committees to which they were assigned.

Ana Paula Arévalo

AUCyTAL President

Our History

The Uruguayan Association of Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals is a non-profit scientific association, created in November 2006. This organization, which includes public and private universities and non-university institutions, arose from the need to generate a space common work and exchange between researchers and users of experimental animals. Complying with one of its main objectives, the AUCyTAL promoted the drafting of the National Law No. 18.611 "Use of Animals in Experimental Activities, Teaching and Scientific Research", approved in 2009, later integrating the National Commission of

Animal Experimentation (CNEA) created in said Law. At an international level, AUCyTAL is an active member of FESSACAL (Federation of South American Societies of Science in Laboratory Animals) and ICLAS (International Council for Laboratory Animal Science).

The aims of the AUCyTAL are:

- Rationalize and improve the use of experimental animals and promote the relationship and exchange of knowledge among professionals in this science.

- Disseminate and apply Law 18.611 as well as ethical principles in the use of experimental animals.

- Advise the Ethics Commissions on the Use of Animals (C.E.U.A), required by Law 18.611.

- Develop interdisciplinary relations in relation to the Science of Experimental Animals.

- Promote the relationship and collaboration with foreign entities and associations dedicated to similar purposes.


Since its creation, it has participated in congresses of similar associations and actively collaborates with its peers in the region. Through the delivery of courses, workshops and / or seminars, AUCyTAL has sought to transmit and raise awareness about the importance of responsible management and rational use of animals used in experimentation. These activities have had the participation of foreign and national professors recognized internationally. They stand out among the activities of continuing education due to its impact because it is the first time in our country to carry out the following: co-organization of AUCyTAL together with the J. Venâncio Polytechnic School (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil) of the Biosecurity course in Bioterios realized in Montevideo (2011), the organization of the First National Congress of Experimental Animals, Punta del Este Uruguay (2013) and support to the first course on Alternative methods to the use of experimental animals, Institut Pasteur Montevideo (2018).

Governing Board

President: Ana Paula Arévalo

Vice President: Martina Crispo

Secretary: María José Andina

Treasurer: Mahia Minteguiaga

Vocal Member: Jenny Saldaña


Fiscal Commission

Melitta Meneghel

Gabriel Francescoli

Geraldine Schlapp


Richard Moller


Pablo Alonzo

José Manuel Verdes

Martín Breijo

Daniel Maglione

Graciela Izquierdo