Asociación Chilena en Ciencia y Tecnología de

Animales de Laboratorio

As President of the Chilean Association of Sciences of Laboratory Animals, ASOCHITAL, I give the warmest welcome to all who visit this page in order to know the functioning of FESSACAL.


The creation of FESSACAL is an achievement product of the integration of efforts of the South American associations seeking to encourage the correct use of the laboratory animals by encouraging communication, exchange, training and education.


We can also interact to promote advances in the elaboration of rules, regulations and guidelines that standardize procedures and the proper use of biological reagents.


Carolina Marchant Carrasco




Our history

ASOCHITAL, has its origins on 1986, thanks to the initiative of a group of professionals from the Institute of Public Health, currently it brings together more than 50 members from different academic and professional levels related to laboratory animals. 

The main aim of the association is to promote rationalization, development of activities aimed at promoting animal welfare, the monitoring of national and international regulations regarding the care and use of experimental animals, promoting their replacement, reduction and refinement, as well as compliance with standards in animal breeding and experimentation through knowledge of the behavioral, physiological and maintenance aspects of laboratory animals.

Within the specific objectives are to organize training activities such as courses, seminars, conferences, lectures and practical activities aimed at promoting the knowledge necessary for the rational and ethical use of experimental animals; contribute to the formation of Institutional Animal Care Committees by disseminating the knowledge necessary for their creation and operation within the institutions; harmonize the procedures and techniques related to the breeding and handling of experimental animals, generating meeting activities between partners such as meetings and talks aimed at sharing their experiences in relation to the implementation of national and international regulations.


Governing Board

President: Carolina Marchant Carrasco

Vice President: Sebastián Valenzuela

Secretary: Micaela Ricca

Treasurer: Paula Aedo


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