Asociación Colombiana para la Ciencia y Bienestar del Animal de Laboratorio

We are an association founded with the firm intention of promoting the proper use and welfare of animals used for scientific purposes, as well as fostering the relationship and cooperation among professionals involved in the development of laboratory animal science.

Our history

The Colombian Association for the Science and Welfare of Laboratory Animals (ACCBAL) was officially created in 2013, within the framework of the III International Workshop Seminar of the Colombian Network of CICUALES held in Medellín (Antioquia). Thanks to the initiative of diverse professionals and in the middle of the increasing dynamism in the national environment, this society is gestated after two years of work, to reactivate the project of the Colombian Association (ACCAL) conceived in the year 1993 and take it to its recognition legal and scientific as a union of professionals, technicians and others interested in the care and welfare of animals used for scientific purposes. The constitution certificate was signed by 51 founding members, independent or linked to different public and private institutions, and from different regions of Colombia and other countries such as Argentina, Spain and Mexico.

Governing Board

President: Gladys Martínez

Vice President: Juan Gonzalo Restrepo

Secretary: Keydy Yolani

Pro Secretary: Alejandro Ramírez

Treasurer: Marlly Guarín

Pro Treasurer: Francisco Pedraza

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