Asociación Argentina de Ciencia y Tecnología de Animales de Laboratorio

Welcome to the website of the Federation of Societies of South America for Laboratory Animal Science (FESSACAL). As a representative of Argentina ,our Association welcomes the establishment of this federation, which will strength exchanges between associations and members from various countries to achieve common goals in the region and for the benefit of science and the welfare of animals experimentation.

We take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the contribution of our representatives in various working committees to which they were assigned.

Marcelo Asprea

AACyTAL President


Our History

AACyTAL is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote the development of all disciplines related to the Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals (LA).

In addition to conducting Scientific Meetings, its objectives are to establish relationships with those national and international organizations that have similar purposes, promote awareness of working ethically and with genetically and microbiologically defined animals, promote standards that govern activities related to the care and use of animals. of Laboratory, to promote education in the fields of competence of the Association, to stimulate the carrying out of scientific research in the different areas of Laboratory Animal Science, to carry out and / or participate in courses, conferences, debates and related activities, advice and disseminate information about the specialty. The education area is the strongest of the association, for many years it was the only entity dedicated to stimulate knowledge and collaboration among people, groups and institutions that work with LA, organizing national and international congresses, conferences for technicians and workshops for users and specialists.


AACyTAL always remained connected with the international community, representing Argentina as a National Member and Scientific Member of ICLAS, and a founding member of FESSACAL. For 18 years, AACyTAL has been working to promote the ethical, professional and responsible use of laboratory animals in the country.



Governing Board

President: Marcelo Asprea

Vice President: Ernesto Gulín

Secretary: Susana Gorzalczany

Pro Secretary: Marina Snitcofsky

Treasurer: Angélica Miranda

Pro Treasurer: Graciela Lammel



Gustavo Chapo

Graciela Dabrowski

María Emiliana Herrero

Guillermo Lemus

Gabriel Pinto

Gabriela Salvador

Federico Alloatti

Ana Carolina Mourelle

Fiscal Commission

Miguel Ayala

Mariana Ríos

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